Earn Money as a Part-time Juror in Pennsylvania!

Value Evaluation allows you to earn money as a part-time Juror in Pennsylvania. People from all walks of life can evaluate legal cases in a “mock jury” setting. If selected as a Juror, you would be asked to take part in a jury, in the same manner as you would be called to act as a Juror by your local county. The difference is that Value Evaluation is a private corporation. We pay you for your time. ($75/Half Day, $150/Full Day, $300/Two Full Days)

What is involved?

You would attend the meeting or “trial” at the office of the attorney who is requesting the case evaluation, and after the case is presented to you, you would be asked for your opinion. The attorney conducts a mock trial, and you may be asked to evaluate any number of aspects of the case, from the credibility of witnesses, to the ultimate dollar amount that you think the injured party should be paid as compensation.

No experience required!

No prior experience as a juror is necessary, although if you have sat as a juror in a civil or criminal case in the past you can still work as a juror for Value Evaluation. Nor is any experience in any particular field necessary to be one of our jurors. If you are interested in becoming a Juror in a mock jury setting, you can fill out the application by clicking the link below. You will need your own transportation, and you must be available when the mock jury date is scheduled.

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