Mock Jurors: How It Works

A Pennsylvania attorney can choose mock jurors in blocks of 7-10, 11-14, or 15-18 members. Payment for jury blocks is made at the time of selection via credit card. Mock jurors can be selected from the database based on factors such as gender, occupation, age, income level, ethnic background, and geographic location.

Once the mock jury groups are selected, jury members are notified, and told the date and location of the mock jury or focus group session. As they respond, lawyers fill up their jury blocks. It is best to start the jury selection at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting for best results.

For Example:

  • A half day block of 7 to 10 jurors is selected and paid for $1600. The attorney must select 20 mock jurors. All 20 mock jurors will be emailed a request to participate. The first 10 mock jurors who accept the invitation are confirmed. Value Evaluation will guarantee at minimum of 7 mock jurors show up for the mock trial date or a partial refund is provided. However, most of the time all 10 mock jurors will attend.

Mock jurors are paid after the session ends by Value Evaluation once the attendance is verified by the attorney. This way, only mock jurors who attended the session get paid. Payment is made via PayPal.

Attorneys will run their own focus groups and mock juries in any manner they desire. Our service provides the jurors for these sessions, and facilitates payment of the jurors. In addition, we also provide suggestions for best results. See the video.

After the session is over, the lawyer has the ability to rate the jurors who attended the session. This provides incentive for jury members to pay close attention to the proceedings in order to receive a higher rating. Mock jurors with higher ratings are given top priority in our database.