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Mock Jury Focus Groups in Pennsylvania

The expense of bringing a lawsuit to trial continues to rise.  For this reason, more and more lawsuits settle out of court, and it is very beneficial for both sides to see how a mock jury would decide the verdict and settlement of a case prior to going through the expense of actually going to court.

We provide the mock jury focus groups in Pennsylvania and facilitate payment to those members. Attorneys using our services have control over their own mock jury or focus group session without the cost of expensive trial consultants.

Mock jury focus groups range from small 6-8 person discussion groups to larger groups of 18-20 people that you may want to use for broad opinion surveys.  Small groups are useful for:

  • Witness evaluations
  • Exhibits
  • Trial themes
  • Settlement values
  • Other attorney concerns

Attorneys may wish to have more than one focus group or mock jury evaluate the case. These jury members can be exposed to live witnesses, videos, trial exhibits, opening and closing statements, credibility issues, and any other factors that may play a part in a real trial. Attorneys can choose to video the proceedings, select a jury member as a “mule”, and share the results with the opposing side in an effort to avoid a costly trial.

Our goal is provide mock jury focus groups in Pennsylvania and trial consulting service that will be as inexpensive and user-friendly for attorneys and law firms as possible. Our mock jury service effectively and accurately reveals case predictions in a far more cost-effective manner than a trial consultant firm. Mock Jury Focus Groups in Pennsylvania are priced to start at $1600. This is a new service that arose from a need seen by Pennsylvania trial attorneys who wanted quick, accurate mock jury focus groups in Pennsylvania to test case theories with a representative cross section of mock jury members. This mock jury and focus group service is meant to level the cost of expensive trial consultant firms and allow attorneys in the Philadelphia and South Eastern Pennsylvania area to quickly ascertain a more accurate value of their cases. The service is scheduled to gradually roll out nationwide as the database of potential jurors increases.